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Opening AUTOMATA 24/7 STREETMuseum

On Saturday 25 September the official inauguration of the Automata 24/7 Street Museum took place. The street museum - the first museum of Borgerhout (a district in Antwerp, Belgium) - shows every season one automaton of Geert Hautekiet.

On the street side - if you have paid one euro - you can turn a handle and bring the automaton to life. You can also see design sketches of that particular automaton.

Because in October the giant 'Little Amal' will visit Borgerhout (this art project walks with a giant puppet of a Syrian refugee across Europe to England), Geert is the first automaton to show his 'the Refugees'.

The museum is an extension of Geert Hautekiet's studio, where he makes all his automata: Kroonstraat 58, 2140 Borgerhout - Antwerp - Belgium.

The local Antwerp TV made this report:

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