My automata are fully mechanical storytelling machines, built with recycled wood and a good sense of humor. They all understand poetry.


I am a Belgian storyteller and scenographer. I had to become fifty to find out that I can combine my storytelling and designing skills into livingly automata. Since then I understand my former studies as an Industrial Designer, my storytelling career as a rough and rusty music- and theatermaker, my passion for tribal art and my (musical) love for squeaking, rattling mechanics. With a touch of humour;-)


Geert Hautekiet

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There is more in life than just work.

But as my work comes to life, I hope you can enjoy it.

Ziehier mijn automata: vertellende machines. Mechanische verhalen. Bedien ze, laat ze leven en geniet.



The most preferred  way to contact me is handwritten* with a lettre, beautiful stamps and some quality-time;-) but you can do it digitally as well.

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* t.a.v. Geert Hautekiet, p/a Geert Hautekiet Producties Comm. V.

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