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Sfinks 2022

We're happy to announce - only 2 weeks before the festival - that the Automata Carrousel will be part of the famous Belgian World Music Festival SFINKS Mixed (Boechout, Antwerp) - 28, 29, 30 and 31 of July

Deventer op Stelten

The Dutch (international) street theatre festival 'Deventer op Stelten' was a great success for the Automata Carrousel. Every time we were open, there was a long queue. Always. Non stop. And so many warm reactions!

Automata Carrousel on 'Cirkerie'

'Cirkerie' is a new circusfestival in Zaventem (Brussels, BE). Our Automata Carrousel started here it's 2022 Summer Tour. And with succes!

Sziget - Island of freedom

Proud to announce that Automata Carrousel can be seen in Budapest (HU) at the famous Sziget Festival, next to Stromae, Arctic Monkeys, Dua Lipa and many others... Check the line up! We are in it!

The 2022-Automata Carrousel-Tour

In 2022 the Automata Carrousel will be touring various festivals (Circus-, Streettheatre-, Puppet-festivals in both Belgium and the Netherlands and famous huge music festivals such as Sfinks Mixed (BE) and Sziget! (HU). Follow the dates and venues on the agenda.

New Automaton in 24/7 Automata Street Museum

'Statue of Liberty' is a two meter high new automaton, created by Geert Hautekiet. During the long summer-months you can see it at the 24/7 Automata Street Museum in Borgerhout, Antwerp, Belgium. Check it out!

Les Machines de l'île

The last two weeks of 2021, our Automata Carousel could visit (and celebrate Xmas with) its big friend, the Giant Elephant of Les Machines de l'île. A few months ago (July '21) we had our world premiere here. Christmas is celebrated where you feel at home. Well, here we feel part of the family. Very nice...

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