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On 2, 3 and 4 July 2021
The Automata Carousel
had its world premiere at


The AUTOMATA CARROUSEL is a fascinating installation with eleven separate lodges. The audience is given a token with which they can open the window in their own lodge - just like in a peep show. From there, one sees various automata glide by on a slowly rotating carousel. The audience can manipulate them their self by turning a handle.


A beautiful, high artistic, impressive installation that is very accessible (young, old, wheelchairs, guide dogs, ...), not language-bound (everyone understands it), takes only 10 minutes and where everyone leaves with a smile. And touched.

"C'est génial!" - François Delarozière, artistic leader La Machine.

"Les histoires de ses automates sont courtes mais extrêmement puissantes. L'aspect fragile de la technique qu'il utilise et du bruit sec que dégagent ces automates sait vous émouvoir et réveille l'enfant qui sommeille en chacun de nous! / The stories of his automata are short but extremely powerful. The fragile aspect of the technique he uses and the dry noise that these automatons give off will move you and awaken the child in all of us! - Pièrre Orréfice, directeur Les Machines de l'île

'As a whole, Automata Carroussel offers a glimpse of the world outside this peepshow that resonates many times longer than the eleven minutes in which the mechanical storytelling machines pass.' - review