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Hey, Pro!

Thanks for subscribing. You entered successfully our Pro-lounge;-)
As an organiser or programmer you find here some general info, technical rider, price indication.
As a press-member you find a press kit and high resolution press photos.
You can download them. All you need.
For the press and promo-pictures, they all are free of copyright for cultural promotional use, but always name the photographer (it's in the file's name) and of course 'Automata Carrousel by Geert Hautekiet';-)

Organiser / programmer

Download here

our leaflet with info

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the technical rider

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our press file

Ask for an interview

High resolution 

Automata-maker Geert Hautekiet, in front of his Carrousel

Free of rights only for press or cultural promo - but always name the photographer and 'automata carrousel - Geert Hautekiet'

 Automata Carrousel, the outside (at night)

Automata Carrousel, the inside

Automaton : Chicken on Monday, by Geert Hautekiet

Automaton : detail, by Geert Hautekiet

Automaton : detail, gears, by Geert Hautekiet

Ask for other pictures, logo's or QR-codes (video) if you need them for your article.

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